About Pallet storage in sydney

Palletstorage.com.au is located at 2 Squill Place, Arndell Park, near the M7/M4 Junction west of Sydney.  We are a family-owned and -operated business that has been working in wholesale and storage for 80 years.

Our Values

We at palletstorage.com.au have strong values, and we believe that these values have been essential to our on-going success and longevity as a business.

These values are:

  • Value for Money
    We believe in providing a service that is value for money. If customers and clients see that they are receiving value for what they pay, they will return to us time and again.
  • Flexibility
    We are flexible and can accommodate our customers’ needs. Short-term storage or long-term storage, special requirements or pick-up, we are proud of our ability to find solutions and make our services work for everyone.
  • Personal Service
    Personal Service matters and has seen our family-owned business not only survive for nearly a century, but thrive and grow. Our personal service is what separates us from the competition and defines us.
  • Mutual Benefit
    Mutual Benefit is the idea that what is good for our customers is good for us, too. Because so much of our work is garnered through word-of-mouth, keeping our customers happy and saying good things about us is what ensures our continuing success.

Assurance of Quality

We are professional and service-focused. As a well-established business, we have exceptional processes in place and a top-line RF warehouse management system.

We are insured up to $20 million and we abide by all Australian codes and regulations relevant to the use of heavy equipment and storage.

ACN – 000 267 747